Climate Change

We need an Apollo Program for Climate Change!

Farming & Greenhouse Gases

Provide tax incentives for water conservation and climate-friendly farming.

Campaign Finance

Stop unlimited political spending and curb PACs.

Student Debt

Cancel excessive student debt.

Drug Costs

Americans should never pay more than Canadians or Europeans.

Rural Broadband

Increase federal funding for rural broadband.


Reduce taxes for lower and middle income Americans.

The Affordable Care Act

Improve and steamline universal healthcare.

Tax Credits

Expand earned income tax credits.

Charter Schools

Close underperforming, for-profit charter schools.

Paid Leave

Support paid family and medical leave.

Minimum Wage

Raise the minimum wage by 20%.

Income Inequality

Invest in workers in underserved areas.

Affordable Housing

Increase construction funding and change zoning.

Private Prisons

Get rid of them.

Electoral College

The Electoral College should be abolished.

Wall Street Taxes

Tax speculative financial trading.

Teacher Pay

Boost pay for all teachers.

Defense Spending

Invest heavily in next-generation smart weapons.


Fund America’s infrastructure.

Illegal Entry

Repeal the statute.


Citizenship for all Dreamers.

Cost of College

Public colleges should be tuition free for qualified students.

Corporate Income Taxes

Reverse the corporate cut.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Strengthen trade relations with our Asian allies.


Unnecessary tariffs only raise prices for consumers.


Support the revised USMCA.

Tech Competition & Antitrust

Empower federal regulators to do their job.


Support a woman’s right to choose while offering alternatives.

Weapon Registry

Reasonable gun licensing saves lives.

Background Checks

Background checks help keep guns in the proper hands.

Assault Weapons

Initiate a voluntary buyback program.

Farm Economy

Help family farmers survive the drought.

Oil and gas drilling

End new oil and gas leases on federal land.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power can be green, if done safely.

Felon Voting

Everyone should have the right to vote.

Marijuana Convictions

Pardon past pot convictions.

Legalizing Marijuana

Legalize it at the federal level.

Death Penalty

Doesn’t deter crime and costs too much.

Cash Bail System

End it.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Eliminate them.

China Trade Policy

We must make China abide by the WTA rules.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is essential for our democracy.

Election Security

Prevent foreign governments from interfering in our elections.

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