Infinite Possibilities

Having grown up in the Central Valley and spent most of my life in California, I understand the challenges we face and the obstacles we must overcome. I also believe there are no problems we cannot solve.

I’m optimistic for a reason:

• The pace of innovation is accelerating exponentially, with world-changing ideas and inventions emerging every month.

• Humans now have the ability to create solutions that were unimaginable only a few years back.

• There’s no reason we cannot tap the same innovations, capital, and talent to meet the challenges ahead.

I’ve been building innovative businesses and ecosystems for years. I founded three venture-funded companies, educated hundreds of entrepreneurs, and authored three books on innovation and technology. I have seen firsthand how small groups of motivated people can transform entire industries and remake the world.

America is the richest country in human history, and California is the richest state in America. We lead in business, technology, and brainpower. Now, it’s time to focus our energy and resources on solving our most pressing problems: climate change, systemic racism, inadequate education, water shortages, mass incarceration, and economic inequalities.

We can only accomplish this with forward-thinking leadership at the top. My mission is to unite Americans around our common goals and shared beliefs in building a better future.

Only if we believe we can make a difference, can we implement profound change in our society and reach our full potential.

Join us in creating infinite possibilities.

Steve Hoffman
a.k.a. Captain Hoff

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