Why am I running?

The upcoming 2013 Sunnyvale Council elections are going to be the most significant elections ever.  

For the first time, you can really make a big difference.

You could either vote for the Special Interest (Pay to play) entrenched political machine and their chosen successors, or you could vote for issue-oriented fellow residents, that do not accept Special Interest Money, and whom will undisputedly represent residents' interest without reproach.

Are you tired of?

  • Burglaries
  • Traffic Jams and Gridlock
  • The Downtown Fiasco
  • Population Densification
  • Library Hours
  • Utilities and other fee hikes
  • Council members' insensitivity to your needs

All the above and below listed issues are intertwined and effect each other. For example, high density creates more police and fire calls. High rise buildings require the fire department to have extra fire equipment like high ladder trucks. With high density Sunnyvale may be required to have police and fire helicopters. Who will be asked to pay for all of this along with more pensions? You! 

Furthermore, densification creates higher demands on the schools which results in school expansions over our open space (i.e Cuertino Middle School). And where will Sunnyvale get all the extra water it will need for thousands of new living units?  Have you visited Steven’s Creek Reservoir lately? I have never seen it lower than it currently is.  What happens when demand for scarce water rises? Prices shoot up and who will get a rate increase? You!

Your future depends on your vote

  • Will priceless publicly owned real estate and open space be permanently sold, or will it be preserved for future generations? ie. Murphy Park, Raynor Park Activity Center, Peterson, Civic Center, City Hall, Community Garden. 
  • Will the small neighborhood shopping strip and family owned businesses near your home persist, or will they be converted into 4-5 story very high density apartments/condos, bringing congestion and gridlock to your neighborhood as well as reducing your property value? i.e corner of Mary & Fremont Ave.
  • Will concerns and comments brought up by Sunnyvale residents at council meetings continue to be ignored by council members or will residents receive the respect and response they deserve? i.e. Raynor Park and Cupertino Middle School neighbors.
  • Will unsustainable compensation and pensions for Sunnyvale city employees persist, or will they be adjusted to current market levels? Approximately 10 years ago Employee salaries and benefits constituted 60% of Sunnyvale's total operational costs.  Two years ago it was 80%. This year it is 82%. When it reaches 100%, police officers will no longer be provided uniforms, vehicles or guns; Street lights will turn off; The library will not receive new books and all subscriptions will be canceled;  Parks will no longer be watered; and so on...
  • Will the number of police officers continue to decline while the population and burglaries are on the rise? In 2001 we had 228 public safety officers; today we have 195. This is a 14% decline while our population has grown by 8%.
  • Will there be a massive population explosion in Sunnyvale due to the uncontrolled development approved by the current council, resulting in a possible crippling over-demand for public services such as police, fire, fresh water, sewage, garbage, open space, parks, and roads?
  • Will there be additional doomed-from-the-start, grandiose developments similar to the failed Downtown development? i.e. proposed Civic Center sale/development and ~$100 million dollar main library demolition/re-build while council members fail to adequetly fund the library such that it can remain open when children need it the most... when schools are closed!
  • Will Sunnyvale government ever have checks and balances? Currently there are none; and the current council members refuses to even discuss this issue.